TONY- Iron/Fallout Remover

TONY- Iron/Fallout Remover

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Advanced Protection

DO NOT operate in the sun or at a high temperature. Operating in the sun or at a high temperature will quickly dry up TONY, potentially causing damage to the paint surface. PAY ATTENTION to the temperature of the paint surface during use. DO NOT spray TONY immediately after the engine is turned off, especially the engine hood area. Wait for it to cool off before using it.

1. Spray TONY directly on the car surface.

2. Wait for 5-10 minutes to see reaction appeared in purple (harder to see in dark paint).

3. Wipe off the purple reaction, using a microfiber towel.

4. Rinse off the sprayed surface.

DIY Auto Detailing Simplified



The Best Wasn't Enough

Typical DIY car detailing products use harsh chemicals and work on a micro level. To solve this issue, we developed our own formula and tested to ensure the durability.

Tested Against The Best

In the process we tested against Amazon Best Sellers and big brands available in local shops. And we weren't impressed by their results.

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