Ceramic Detailer

Ceramic Detailer

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Enhances gloss while gently cleaning your car paint. Wipe on and wipe off, easy and convenient.

Advanced Protection

Most durable ceramic coating spray, protecting paint at the nano level. Repels dirt, contaminates, and more.
1 coat lasts at least 6 months. Recommend to reapply at least every 3 months for best results. A bottle lasts for 2 years.


"... gave my car that brand new shine and make it nice and sleek."

Ashely S.

Ceramic Coating Has Never Been Easier



Taking It Into Our Own Hands

Typical ceramic coating sprays do not last more than a few car washes. To solve this issue, we developed our own formula and tested to ensure the durability.

Tested Against The Best

In the process we tested against all of the Amazon Best Sellers and big brands available in local shops. And we weren't impressed by their results.

The Suma Difference

By combining ceramic with our unique SiO2-infusion formula, your car will enjoy a more durable and longer lasting coating than any other application on the market.

Chemistry Matters

The SiO2 is processed using our proprietary/trade secret. With this special SiO2 process (only we do this), it breaks the SiO2 into smaller molecules than conventional SiO2 such that they can fill up all the valleys/holes/gaps in the paint to bond perfectly to give you that flat surface protection. It reflects all the sunrays in the same direction to give you the new car/mirror like gloss that is' unique to Suma, unlike wax or other brands.

Application Guide

Step 1

Wash and dry your car

Step 2

Spray 2-3 sprays per panel

Step 3

Cure for a minute

Step 4

Wipe Off

Pro Tip

Apply 2 layers for the first coat as shown in the video.

Pro Tip

Apply the 1st layer when the car is wet, apply the 2nd layer when the car is dry.

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