Our Story

Hi, this is Eddy, founder of Suma Detail. When I bought my dream car, I wanted to do ceramic coating and was really confused with the marketing and information out there.

I tried various products, and none of them lived up to my expectations. The professional ceramic coating was too expensive. The DIY ceramic products were hard to use and lasted only a few car washes or less.

Here is a durability test comparing Suma vs. other well known brands. 

I thought wouldn't be nice if there was a product that has the performance of the professional ceramic while still easy to use for DIY users like me?

That was how I ended up partnering up with my brother who is a chemist. In the process, we worked with professional detailers and kept tweaking the formula until we came out with our proprietary formula, having professional results while still easy to use. We did it!

Here is a hydrophobic test video showing the car coated with Suma Ceramic. One application will last 6 months or longer. 

Our hard work was paid off! And we're extremely satisfied with our ceramic coating spray and can't wait for you to try it! Here is the Suma Ceramic Link.
Founder of Suma Detail