Easy To Use

DIY Ceramic
Coating Spray

2 Years Of Ceramic Protection In Under 10 minutes?!

No problem! Thanks to the SUMA Detail DIY Ceramic Spray, you can protect your paint while bringing back that factory shine in just a few minutes!

The Secret To A Mirror Finish

The SiO2 is processed using our proprietary/trade secret.

With this special SiO2 process (only we do this), it breaks the SiO2 into smaller molecules than conventional SiO2 such that they can fill up all the valleys/holes/gaps in the paint to bond perfectly to give you that flat surface protection.

It reflects all the sunrays in the same direction to give you the new car/mirror like gloss that is unique to Suma, unlike wax or other brands.


Without a ceramic coating, you'll see dirt and grime, water spots, and an overall dull appearance.


With a SUMA DIY Ceramic Coating, you'll see a like-new shine for months!


Protect your vehicle's paint for 6+ months with SUMA Detail's special SiO2 formulated Ceramic Coating Spray.

Save Thousands

Who needs a professional ceramic coating when you can achieve the same results with our easy-to-use ceramic coating spray?

Ceramic Coating Spray

Ceramic Coating Spray

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Most durable ceramic coating spray, protecting paint at the nano level. Repels dirt, contaminates, and more.
1 coat lasts at least 6 months. Recommend to reapply at least every 3 months for best results. A bottle lasts for 2 years.